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Our use of cookies.

Cookies are small bits of information stored on your computer by the websites you visit. Sometimes, these cookies can be used to identify the device you're using, and therefore be able to identify you. So, it's important that you understand what cookies we use, why we use them, how long they stay on your device (their "expiry") and your options for opting out.

To change your cookie preferences, scroll down this page.

We place the cookies we use into categories: Essential, Preferences and Data & Analytics.

Some cookies are important for the running of our website, so we'll always place them on your device when you visit. We'll never place a cookie that can be used to personally identify or your device within this category.

This is a semi-permanent cookie that records your consent to our use of essential cookies on our website; it can't be used to identify you. It expires after 7 days.

If you tell us you don't want to see Preferences related cookies (below), we'll store this semi-permanent cookie to stop our website from storing any. It can't be used to identify you, and expires after 7 days.

Exactly as above, but for Data & Analytics related cookies.

This is a temporary cookie that records only a unique ID (that can't be used to identify you) for your time on the website. It expires when you leave the website.

Other cookies might be used to record your preferences, such as hiding certain parts of the website you don't want to see, or prioritising certain product offers for you.

We don't store any preferences cookies at the moment.

Data & Analytics
Finally, some cookies are placed purely for data collection reasons. For example, we may place cookies to help us determine how many times you visit our website, or to see where you spend your time on our website (to help us develop new products/services).

We team up with Facebook to help us analyse how visitors use our website, so they place multiple cookies on our behalf. This helps us work out what parts of the website are more popular, meaning we can make improvements. Facebook's various cookies last for varying amounts of time (from until you leave the site, up to 2 years), and do track things like your IP address. Needless to say, although your IP address can be used to identify you, we don't get to see it.

Google Analytics
Similar to how we team up with Facebook, we make use of Google Analytics to help us gather information on how you use our website. This data isn't use to personally identify you, and allows us to improve our sales journey for new and existing customers. These cookies may show as Google or "Gstatic" in your web browser.

Last updated: 15/11/2018.
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Our cookies are only stored for 7 days, so if you visit our website again after this time, you'll need to set your preferences again.
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